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  1. xInZax

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    I got my wisdom teeth taken out (two top ones), and it was a pretty painless procedure. They gave me like 20 shots on both sides and yanked them out within 5 minutes. Got home and changed the little cloth patches (the name is escaping me right now). It's been about a day, and my dentist is out of the office til next week so I can't contact her for information. I didn't get any stitching, nor did I get any little plug thingy that helps speed up the process (or strong pain killers). My question is, if anyone has had this before, how easy is it to unclog the blood clots, and how to prevent it? I'm also worried because I've been eating mainly soup, and they say to refrain from *sucking*, such as drinking through a straw. However, I kind of sip the soup? I don't know. I dont' want to get that painful thing that happens when the blood escapes. Anyone have any helpful suggestions? Sorry if this was a stupid post haha. I've tried google, and all the answers are pretty much the same. Wanted to see if anyone here had anything that can help further.

    *most examples were of people going under and getting stitched up.
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