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  1. Dennis82

    Dennis82 Oakley Beginner

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    I went to Sunglass Hut and the "Exclusive to SGH" signs drew me in. I tried them on and they fit wonderfully and were very light but at the time I was like nahh I don't like those. But secretly I did so I went on ebay and found a pair with Jade Iridium polarized lenses (love that color of lenses) for $90 + tax, new. I don't know why these aren't sold in the US but I saw another thread where someone got a pair too. Does anyone know why they don't sell them here? I was worried the black ink would look see through but they don't.


    They're a bit too narrow for my currently fat face but when I lose like 50lbs I think they'll look great.
    Not completely positive I like polarized lenses; I have had them and regular lenses for a while the only difference I see is that electronics look weird/aren't readable with polarized lenses and that's a negative. Oakley lenses are already clear as it is.
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