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New Batwolf Clear With Ice


I should Work at Oakley
Oceanside, Oregon
Had a 20% coupon for sunglass hut so these were $115 out the door. Not sure I'm going to keep them...I LOVE the design and fit...but I'm picking up a lot of glare and "ghosting" with this clear frame. I'll give them some time as I have the huts liberal 90 day return policy.



post that coupon next time

It was one of those Happy Birthday ones they send to some customers. I don't know if its to everyone or maybe just people they can ID have purchased from them in the past (I bought my wife some D&G's there last year) but this was actually sent to my wife who just had her birthday. She has 2 pairs of sunglasses though and says that's one too many and doesn't understand one bit why I have so many pairs so she let me use it.

This is actually the first time I've purchased a pair of Oakley's in a retail store...all my other purchases were on eBay...and the only reason why is because the value of the Batwolf is high right now and I DID have the coupon which hacked off $26