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New BXTR Metal colorways coming?

They’ll send you a message after a day or two saying they don’t have them yet. Did it to me last time they posted stuff for sale early. Say it’s backordered till release.
I got the Tiger series from them early and they shipped... I think that is what they send out when they are out of stock... I tried ordering a BXTR Gold metal from them and they cancelled awhile back... I figure these are regular sku's though so they will be available... just liking the 25% off ALLOT! Ordered the two green but holding off on the Viridian
Extra Buttery pulled down all 3 new releases.... oops... guess they were not supposed to be sold yet? LOL! Got my ship notice this morning from them though
Got my notice as well. Hopefully they don't pull an extra butter on us and turn around and cancel them....lol
These look to definitely be worth it... more pictures to come