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After searching for a little while for a smaller case, my search ended a couple of weeks ago. I picked up this thing and loaded it with things that I find collectible. I'm not one to really care about what is "rare" among everyone else, just what is cool to me. My main style is Frogskins, so I chose to display some custom painted ones I have had done and a few of the special ones I have. Mainly loaded it with microbags, hard cases, grips, golf grips, dog tags, etc!


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Very nice and of course a great style. You can never go wrong with frogskins. :lol:
I agree as well it doesn't matter what others deem as important because of the rarity of an item. As long as you enjoy them. Great customs too by the way.

Brian Nickell

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Nice! I have a bunch of the "New" Frogskins, including the hard to find white/blue, and my biggest gripe was always the lack of a red lens in the line up. So those really hit the spot.

Careful with them though, I've had three pairs where the frame cracked right through.
You should open a collection thread for the "new" Frogskins you have. I'd love to see it!

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