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  1. Marvwee

    Marvwee Oakley Beginner

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    Finally another metal framed Oakley. First pair was an E wire many years ago.

    Though I have to say OUCH! Buying Os in Singapore is an expensive hobby. S$360 which is roughly US$290.

    Looking to add a Radar Lock.
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. electricrelish

    electricrelish Oakley Beginner

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    I really like the new Crosshair model and love this one shown below for summer. I tried some on at a Sunglass Hut. Does anyone know what type of lens is pictured below? The Sunglass Hut just says Silver/Brown on its website, so I assume it's Silver frame and brown lens. I can't find the same one on Oakley.com or O-review. Am I missing it?

    Sunglass Hut lists it as the following:
    UPC# 700285545158
    Description: This flashback flows with fluid contours that put a fresh spin on a classic teardrop shape. Sculptural detailing lays down distinction in a durable frame of lightweight C-5™ alloy. This is how yesteryear hits the forefront of style, and the vintage flavor is seasoned with premium optical technologies. Unobtainium® components keep a grip on comfort. This polished chrome look has VR28 black iridium lenses.

    OK, I love these lenses because they are not too dark. Now are these VR28 black iridium lenses the same ones that are on the 6pm site for the Ti Square Whiskers? See below.

    New Crosshair at Sunglass Hut
    New Crosshair - CrosshairSilver-Brown2.png
    New Crosshair - CrosshairSilver-Brown1.png
    Oakley Ti Square Whisker - Burnt Copper W-VR28 lenses at 6pm

    The same as the Crosshair shown above? I'm guessing so. I think the silver frame on the new Crosshair makes it look a lot lighter and the Burnt Copper frame makes the sunglasses look darker. Can you tell that I'm trying to decide which of the two to buy? I like the Crosshairs better, but I like the price and Titanium of the Square Whiskers.

    New Crosshair - OakleyTiSquareWhisker-BurntCopperW-VR28.jpg
    New Crosshair - OakleyTiSquareWhisker-BurntCopperW-VR282.jpg
  3. Devastator01

    Devastator01 Oakley Collector

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    i think its a vr28 lens
  4. Marvwee

    Marvwee Oakley Beginner

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    My Crosshair is the 2.0, which is the squarish lens, similar to the Whisker
    New Crosshair - 4b704df87fd6b.jpg
  5. qtrain23

    qtrain23 3D Printing Protege

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    I have the lead/BIP. Great pair
  6. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    i have the old gen crosshairs (still the best looking out of all 3 crosshair models imo). i have chrome/vr28 black iridium, which looks awesome, as well as a titanium Crosshair with unreleased ti-clear lens. they are superlight and just amazingly comfortable. go for a crosshair, you wont regret it