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  1. Hitech Vojtech

    Hitech Vojtech Oakley Enthusiast

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    Sharing some cutom cuts I did by myself,tried like 5 lenses before as a tests,so the final romeo I did turned out perfect :)I amm really happy about that one,currently I put the VR28 lens into Ti frame,and those look sick...will post pics soon....
    also I cut recently Fire polar for my penny and G30 out of flak jacket for Polished Julie :p

    New custom cuts - 11140014_10153573886137819_5971077962047493180_n.jpg

    New custom cuts - 12308650_10153573886052819_7819847606780732722_n.jpg

    New custom cuts - 12311327_10153573886007819_2162699669399184430_n.jpg

    New custom cuts - 12313589_10153573885957819_3537188049040989613_n.jpg

    New custom cuts - 12346583_10153573886262819_7177908291232117327_n.jpg

    New custom cuts - 12075013_10153579952312819_1832611622145949659_n.jpg

    New custom cuts - 12360128_10153607044937819_7398339606009243461_n.jpg
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  2. flyer

    flyer Oakley Expert

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    Beautiful...and a handy skill to develop!
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  3. thisguy

    thisguy Oakley Expert

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    Congratulations on the custom cuts. I am glad that they turned out perfect for your frames. I wish I could do this for some of my pairs.
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