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New Frogskin Acid Colors


Oakley Beginner
Any of you experts want to help out a novice? Long story short I used to collect frogskins but once I went to college my money disappeared as did my collection. I am about to graduate and would like to replace the pair I have worn for the last 4/5 years, as a graduation present to myself. I know the old ACID colors were a very bright neon shade but on the website now the new acid colors look really deep, like the green looks like a translucent olive and the pink is a dark deep pink, and I really like it, but I just don't want to order them and have it show up being a bright flashy neon colors. does the website accurately show their color, anyone have pics of the new acid colors or can confirm they aren't bright and flashy but indeed much darker like they appear online? Any help would be great! Thanks

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Oakley Expert
The website pictures are usually not totally accurate. If you look them up online and find actual pictures it should be more realistic

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