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New glasses time?


I am Jim Jannard...
Ironically with the eye surgery thread I did have a general eye appointment scheduled today. Haven't changed glasses for years since my prescription hardly changed over that time and I only used my glasses at home. Could keep going this way but the lenses are peeling so I figure I could go for a new frame altogether. Putting this thread in OT since I'm open to stuff outside of Oakley.

I know "Oakley or die brah". Helps that I have an O-Store nearby for future support, but the demands aren't going to be the same as sunglasses so I'm pretty open with aesthetic being a higher priority. Like I already said, it'd seem my lifestyle could keep the glasses for quite a while. That + some coverage and I'm looking at a possible indulgence for holiday.

Only Oakley frame I like is the Madman Rx, but it is small as hell on me. The markings on my current glasses are mostly worn off except for the 140mm for temple width which I think I can downsize a bit. Lenses are 32mm tall and 55mm wide, bridge is 15.5mm wide.

Parasite 4-arm frames have caught my eye. Problem is I can hardly find reviews, let alone on pairs I'm interested in, such as the Sidero 4. Only comment I've seen is in one of Parasite's own YT videos where someone said they're ridiculously high maintenance. I know the temples are at 132mm, but these are supposedly very shape-able frames, and I assume they're intentionally narrow to make for tighter fit. Would love to hear any user experience.


The Tag Heuer L-Type looks kinda cool too but I can't indulge THAT much. Ceiling is probably $400.

Any other recommendations for something different to wear?

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