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  1. PBRmeASAP

    PBRmeASAP Oakley Beginner

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    For some reason, I'm going back to all my childhood stuff...I want a pair of Frogskins like i had back in the day. First step was to check ebay, and then search the internet. Yah, there's lots out there. Next thing I knew my brother dug his old one's out and gave them to me. My old dalmation one's were taken when my car got broken into in the early 90's. My brother had lost his many times but they always came back (long storys here) but he gave them to me. I'm so excited. They are the first gens purchased in the mid 80's? Purple tint with standard gray lenses. No bag or box, but somehow i found my old bag from mine. The lenses are really scratched so i'm searching for new one's, found this place and hope someone can steer me in the right direction for new lenses. I'll post in the frogskin area about replacement lenses too.
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  2. marc2040

    marc2040 Guest

    Hello and welcome from Germany :smile: