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New here


Oakley Beginner
Hi. New here and just wanted to introduce myself.

Not much of a collector of sunglasses (more of a wearer) but I've always liked Oakley. I recently bought an Oakley watch and I found this forum so I thought I'd join.

Here is my very small collection so far. I DO anticipate it growing now that I found this place.

Fives Squared Polarized (Ducati) - Wear these everyday
Twoface Polarized - These were also worn almost everyday until I went back to the Fives
Jupiter Factory Lite - Black frame, Black Iridium Polarized - These I don't wear (so I do kind of collect...LOL)

Double Tap watch - Stealth Black

I have my eye on the new Twoface Prizm that I'll probably get next week when I can use my coupon. Too bad about the watches as I really like the designs.

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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