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  1. Mikkelf

    Mikkelf Oakley Beginner

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    So I decided that I needed more tortoise frames. And that I needed my first Holbrooks. As the Kostons are not available in Europe and sunglassesshop.com ran a 25% off promo I chose the Shaun White Tortoise/24K Holbrooks.

    New Holbrooks - a4ezu5as.jpg

    Have to say that even though I am not a fan of mr.White - the Holbrooks are amazing. Love the feel that is more sturdy than Frogs and they are a little bigger which suits my head well. Not the last Holbrook for me.

    And then I have something really exiting coming up. Will let you know after Xmas. But it is retro. Very retro.
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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