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New Infinite Hero And Koston Frogs?


Oakley Enthusiast
New Jersey
Was perusing through a few new part numbers I found and these ones stuck out to me:

24-420 IH Frogskins Carbon Camo w/Black Iridium & 24-421 IH Flak Jacket XLJ Carbon w/Black Iridium
24-346 Koston FrogskinsClearCamo w/ Grey & 24-437 Koston Frogskins MatteBlkCamo w/Dk Grey

Anyone hear anything about these or have pics by chance? I couldn't find a date on these sadly or any info...

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Inside Outlaw.
Premium Member
They seem to be pushing the Camo patterns pretty hard eh? I thought the new Kostons were to come in chrome lenses, and with a different frame as well. Can't rem what frame though I know not Camo for sure.