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New Jury Face Lift


Double Team
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Portland, OR
I'm not sure if anyone has seen these yet, but there has been an update made to the Jury. If you look at the top of the frames, there is now a screw that holds in the stem as opposed to the traditional O-Matter snap hinges that were in there before. Next time I go to the O store I'll snap a pic but I wonder why this change was made.
Ive seen a lot of pairs snap and actually break at the earstem hinge, kinda like the old Square Wires used to do.
Took some comparison pics at my local O store.


Original on left, new on right


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Me too. The thing is, I'll have to wait ages for the retailers in my country to replace their stocks... *sigh*

On another note, will there ever be replacement lenses for these? I was kinda hoping on buying a matte black and slamming some black or ruby iridiums on them.
I did. Seems ok, but the thing is I'm a sucker for the original stuff, even if it costs me a bit more... Hence why I was asking. But if Visionary is the only way, so be it.