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New Lenses


Oakley Beginner
Hey everyone...First post!!

Last summer I ordered some Titanium Iridium lenses for my polished black Eyepatches. I love the lenses, but I have some scratches on them and think it is time for something new. I was thinking of just getting another set of Titaniums or maybe Fire Iridums. Any recommendations on what lens color I should get next from the Vault?

Here is a picture of my beloved everyday pair of Oakleys (they have some wear):
Good choice for an everyday pair! The vault.com prices on those replacement lenses makes it the perfect place to pick them up. In fact, if you burned through those Ti lenses in a year, I would suggest picking up at least 2 sets of lenses at those half off prices. Personally, I'd suggest getting a set of Emerald and a set of Gold Iridium Polarized. That Gold Polarized lens is just 'butter' in that frame.
i only have experience with black iridium and polarized black iridium. but out of the lenses available on the link you posted, i would go with fire or ruby iridium. i like the looks of both of those and would like to try them for myself.
Thanks for the recommendations! Both of my Oakleys are not polarized, I think I may go with the gold iridium polarized and a back up set of titainiums. I can't wait to check out the eyepatch 2.
I just ordered ruby iridium lenses from the vault, came to $33 with shipping! I am going to get another set of titanium in a couple weeks too.
definitely take a picture for us! i think for my next pair of oakleys, i want a black frame with ruby iridiums and red icons.
Yeah I'll put some pictures up once I get them, it'll be sometime next week. I missed out on the white ones on the vault. I should've grabbed a pair before they sold out.