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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by Zombie, 7/3/18.

  1. Zombie


    Hey guys. I’m new here and found this site while trying to search for the same style shades I just lost in Lake Havasu. So sad and mad at myself

    Anyone help with identifying my Oakley’s so I can search for the same frames for sale somewhere?

    Thanks for the help
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    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    You got a pic of them?

  3. Zombie



  4. Oak Heel

    Oak Heel Premium Member

    It’s a Flak Jacket. I believe the color is Metallic Red with Positive red lenses. The frame looks almost black in that pic, but if it is the dark red sparkly color as you say then it’s metallic red.

    Did the lenses have a bluish/neutral color when looking through?
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  5. Wicked

    Wicked Premium Member

    Well good thing it wasn’t a Carbon C-Six
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  6. Zombie


    Thanks. That’s nice to know. I want to replace them as I have 6 sets of different lenses for them and they were my everyday pair!

    Man I love Oakley’s. I have way too much spent on them. 5 differentpair left and many lenses.
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  7. hondazcrxsi


    Good luck getting another pair.

  8. Riga Mortis

    Riga Mortis

    Hi welcome and sorry for your loss


    IAMOBS Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Welcome and good luck on your search. They shouldn’t be too tough to find on the exchange here once you meet the requirements. A lot of great people info here.
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  10. Rick58

    Rick58 Premium Member

    Welcome. If you can't find another pair like them do a custom Flak. There are quite a few people here who can create a pair that's a match to what you lost.
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