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New member. Asian-American living in Bangkok


Oakley Enthusiast
626, SGV, CA
Hi Everyone,

It's nice to meet you all. I have to say its nice to see a fan forum that is so supportive of each other's addiction. My first Oakleys were Mframes bought in the 90's from Costco where they sold them below retail by repackaging them and not including the original box. It didn't fit all that well however in the pre-Asian fit days. And nearly all Oakleys have not fit me in that era because they were always too narrow, small, and my eyelids to my eyeballs were pressed against the lenses. Because I have the Asian no nose bridge, and flat face, long eyelashes and large head, I never bought too many Oakleys besides two X-Metal XX in the early 2000's. But since I discovered Asian fit and moved to Bangkok where its bright and sunny almost every day, plus I want to protect my eyes from random flying debris from motorbikes or street food carts, I now have Asian fit: Racing Jacket, Scalpel, now Flak XLJ gen. 1.
I've been reading all of your advice on lens tints and sizing, and you have all been very helpful. I hope to be able to contribute into this community of addicts as well.

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