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New Member Here . . .


Oakley Beginner
Nassau, NY
Hello all...new member to the forum here from Nassau, NY. Name's Reg and I've been an Oakley fan for over 20 years...1st pair I ever owned were a pair of E-Wires with the grey plutonite lenses, almost fainted when I actually purchased them for $129.99. Been a huge fan since, owning different pairs over the years....passing the legacy down to my son who will soon be the owner of a pair of Turbine XS. Look forward to joining some conversations and hearing some recommendations from all of you...have a great day!!!
2 questions...
1) Does anyone know if the Oakley Icons on the Turbine XS are interchangeable? Looking to change them with the Black USA Icons .
2) Does anyone know which Zippered Black Vault case I can use for them
Thank You!!!!