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New Oak-tard From Utah


Oakley Enthusiast
Somewhere cold
Greetings from Utah. My name is Xavier and I'm happy to say that since acquiring my first pair of Oakleys last year (Whiskers), I've been driving my 37-week pregnant wife up the wall with an all-consuming desire to acquire a pair of Juliets (or more than one pair, let's see what I can get away with). :biggrin:

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welcome and congrats!!

u could tell her to name your kid "Juliet" or "Penny" if its a girl or "Romeo" if its a boy... :)
alternatively... X-Squared, Mars or XX are good choices for gender neutral names... LOL!!

enjoy your stay here!!

Eh. She decided the name and I agreed (Not at gunpoint mind you, but that could be another discussion). I'm just eternally grateful that we are having a child after 9+ years of trying.

I can't say that she's too keen on this new habit of mine, but I could be doing a lot worse with my money (and free-will).

Hi NMone, which part of utah you reside in? im from Salt Lake City.
welcome to the forum!

congrat's on the baby! especially after 9 years you have got to be super happy now. are you going to wait and see if its a boy/ girl?
i have a niece who just turned 1 yr old in july. :D
she got named Scarlett.

Congrats Congrats Congrats That is the best treasure that anyone can have!!!!!! My wife and I don't have kids yet, I would trade the world for a little one!!!!!