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Once we get full release details, and we get to see another lens and all of the colorways I'll be more cemented. I mean, there is going to be a carbon fiber with ice, so yeah.

But we've only seen the one lens shape so far. And the black (polished, blech), silver, red, and navy frames. Still waiting on the carbon fiber and polished fog. Unless the color in the link above IS the fog, since it looks like a grey lens. And I god damn hope they make the carbon matte. And PLEASE make more than one or two lens shapes. The M Frame has had what, over 10 shapes now? To put only one out... for shame.

Oh well, @dr.chop can remedy terrible frame colors at least.


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San Jose, CA
It looks like they smashed together a Half Jacket 2.0 with an M-Frame, and then threw on the wing from the original Half Jacket. And why does the wing look like it's separate from the rest of the frame? Is it a switchlock? Is it removable? Or is it just a design choice? Boo to the colorways too. Do we really need five variants of the Polished Black frame? Navy is the only decent looking colorway so far IMO, but I'm holding out hope for Redline.


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I'm liking the sharper cues and cuts which make more of its minimalist foundation. Kinda wondering if the sharper lens shape will carry over to the radarlock.

Thinking about the jade or +red polar ones, then use the frames until I determine if there's a clear base with wear, then get it Chop'd.

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