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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Stanleybb50, 2/27/16.

  1. Stanleybb50


    Just thought I'd share some additional pics of the Mainlinks. I'm very impressed with them. As far as I can tell, they're like a cross between the Jupiter Sq and the Twoface, but of course built to take more abuse and as far as I can tell, the dont have a pin in the hinges (more like the sports specific frames).

    So the looks of a lifestyle, but in a package that can be worn for some sports and of course outdoor activities. Even down to the Unobtanium on the nose.

    Anyone familiar with a Chainlink will know how they are made. But the shape is much different. I sold my Chainlink about a week ago, or I would have them in the comparison.

    Hopefully this helps! I think I'm going to end up with the Tungsten and Prizm Daily colorways as well.

    I would also bet well see replacement lens options for these as well as replacement rubbers in short time?

    New Oakley Mainlinks - 44fde708b2f2469e830ad770f79df2a5.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - 4e039866b313e3f3b072caab88760032.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - 97885961826be0aeccf8decca2ae2ee1.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - 09706fdb9aa65ed296287297af86ca83.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - f7e352e70ae8b3a5782b3fcd6e4befe1.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - 1aaabfc401bbb70ad52ae45c4e55d9d6.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - faa6ba4ebb9c2a294c489e411e710aa9.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - 1a2513fe5be6f4dc77e9e1b170e5d09f.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - b947dbbf3174efaea01fce8d03c42bdb.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - 2aa697f6ca9c9c23486987e9dc4aecae.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - fac6d2b401861ee9e402a53865930009.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - e43cbb7fe310cffc3d31efd991544f40.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - 7fbaa33a9a32f31e1e4d3f7ed0cff712.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - e2c775b04330a27c35e1a23af98b4fc4.jpg New Oakley Mainlinks - 6eb8546aed758d68220d1b327a5afa02.jpg
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  2. SMman


    Very nice! Thanks for all the detailed pics. At first glance, I thought you said MANlinks o_O:)
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  3. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Great photos. :)

    "Manlink"!! :rofl:
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  4. DKO


    Do the nosepads attach with the two nipple points like the Scalpel and Valve? Or are they just glued on permanently? I only ask because I'm wondering if there might be an Asian Fit version coming with alternate large nosepads?

  5. WILL-I-AM


    Nice write up bro, they look pretty good on you. I'm not a fan of the earstem design on these.
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  6. cyclerdoug

    cyclerdoug Premium Member

    Very good writeup and pics, Stan. Looks like the bridge between the lenses is a bit wider in these from your first pic...almost "Holbrooky" but spread further apart. Good comparison shots, I have and like the Jupiters and think these lenses may be a bit small for me.
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  7. DKO


    I went to a local Oakley shop that's always empty to check out the Mainlink nosepads and compare them to the other models. It looks like the Asian Fit nosepads on the Triggerman are a direct swap for the Mainlinks. So I may buy some Triggerman Asian Fit nosepads separately and switch them on the Mainlinks.

  8. DKO


    In case any Asian Fit members are interested. I did swap out the Mainlink nosepads for Triggerman Asian Fit nosepads sucessfully. Perfect fitment.
    Now my Mainlinks don't rub my eyelids and eyelashes. And the flatter base curve and large orbitals make these a great fitting DIY Asian Fit model.

  9. badgersfan222


    Which has more curvature, Jupiter squared or

  10. jmthr278


    So, almost 6 months in. Can you update your impressions/review of these for is please?

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