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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Admin, 4/1/11.

  1. Admin

    Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Hey was just checkin out the Oakley website and saw a bunch of new MotoGP releases so I thought I would post pics and links on here and see what everyone thinks. I think the Scalpels are a cool color combination, and I like the plantiffs with the blue on the side, kinda the opposite of the Ducatti Plantiffs with the red. So what do you guys think?

    MotoGP Plantiff Matte Black/Warm Grey
    Link: http://www.oakley.com/products/6699/25085

    New Oakley MotoGP Releases April 2011 - 4d8d0f5c769b8.jpg

    MotoGP Scalpel Casey Stoner Edition Polished Black/Fire Iridium
    Link: http://www.oakley.com/products/6700/25084

    New Oakley MotoGP Releases April 2011 - 4d89049b03d22.jpg

    MotoGp Holbrook Polished Black/Emerald Iridium
    Link: http://www.oakley.com/products/6698/25082

    New Oakley MotoGP Releases April 2011 - 4d88ce78dcd5c.jpg

    MotoGP Polarized Batwolf Polished Black/Grey Polarized
    Link: http://www.oakley.com/products/6701/25083
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    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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    I have the plaintiff moto GP i wish it had a better lens though.. i don't like the fact you can see your eyes...

  3. wrist


    I just ordered a pair of the Holbrooks for my brithday. I'll post pix when they come in.

  4. oakleyguy7

    oakleyguy7 Premium Member

    they all awesome. all the different colors are for the different brands. the plantiffs are blue for yamaha and holbrooks are green for monster not sure on the others.

  5. penSPED


    Yea the Holbrooks look sick. I'm just waiting to see them in person because they do look sick.

  6. The Game

    The Game

    imo they need to ditch emerald iridium and start using jade iridium

  7. oakleyguy7

    oakleyguy7 Premium Member

    ya that would be awesome. totally agree, the jade is way better but what can you do

  8. FrogTastic


    The Holbrook look pretty cool.

  9. wrist


    MotoGP Holbrook

    New Oakley MotoGP Releases April 2011 - DSC_0374-1.jpg

    New Oakley MotoGP Releases April 2011 - DSC_0375-1.jpg

    New Oakley MotoGP Releases April 2011 - DSC_0378-1.jpg

    New Oakley MotoGP Releases April 2011 - DSC_0379-1.jpg

    New Oakley MotoGP Releases April 2011 - DSC_0380-1.jpg

  10. Max Fearlight

    Max Fearlight

    is there MotoGp etching on the Holbrook lenses?

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