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New paint for Rio Frogs


Oakley Enthusiast
Decided to start a project to breathe some new life into my Rio Frogskins that i purchased just to harvest the lenses from. So far they have been soaking in Super Clean for 2 days, and i have been stripping the paint every few hours. I guess I forgot to take a before picture, but here is an in progress shot, and a shot of them now. Do you typically strip your projects all the way down to base? I am having a heck of a time getting the green paint off the lense ledge thingy, the Oakley wording on the legs, and from the hinge area.


My idea for paint is either duracoat, or House of Kolor Black gold, sprayed via airbrush, but I have never done this before.
Best thing to do is to blast the frame. Duracoat isnt a very stable finish unfortunately though. I'd suggest cerakote or automotive epoxy bases. With an epoxy 2 part clear. That paint Oakley used on those Rio fades was very durable. Best to blast or just sand it off. Acetone will kill the frame eventually
I assume something like walnut or corncob would be the best media for plastic? I've never blasted plastic before.

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