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  1. AngryChair

    AngryChair Oakley Beginner

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    picked up some new Oakleys. matte black Enduro with bronze lens. i'm usually a Holbrook guy but these are even more comfortable. i didn't think i'd like them because they're more round than i usually prefer, but once i saw them in person, and tried them on i had to get a pair.

    also a new hat to match.

    New Pair Of Enduros - 10599429_10152434367018110_3311041352461130583_n.jpg
    New Pair Of Enduros - 10614136_10152434366988110_5150500460879379605_n.jpg
    New Pair Of Enduros - 10641234_10152434367688110_2003950465460676073_n.jpg
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