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New Project - Wind Jackets 2.0 #TeamKICKASS Prologue Studio Edition


Oakley Expert
Premium Member
Morristown, NJ
Not gonna lie dude that’s honestly good work especially for some spray cans! The one time I tried spray cans it looked so bad I had to send them to @btw73 to fix!!! He revived them and gave them a new life lol.

Pinks my go to so these are sick dude! Trail or black or road would look killer in them!
Yeah trail or black or fire would be rockin.

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Thanks for all of the feedback. When I finish the clear and get them built back up (not sure the icons, but the same torch snow lens that came with it), I'll post some final pics, along with a few other customs I've done (Radar, a Jawbreaker with copper jaw, and a full copper Sutro). I'm bummed they didn't do more with these frames or the lenses. I think they had the potential to be a great cycling frame and would have loved to have more non-snow Prizm lenses. The non-snow seem pretty hard to find.

Who knows, maybe one of these days I'll pick up an airbrush and do things right. Haha! It's definitely a lot of fun though. I've done some custom cycling shoes too, and have another pair in line once I finish up the product review for them.


Oakley Enthusiast
I finally got around to taking some pics. I haven’t ridden in them yet, as the Prizm Torch is a little too bright for sunny days. Looking into maybe getting a Prizm Black. Pretty happy with how it came out for rattle can. I chipped it a little putting the lens in, but I can touch it up.

I’ll admit, I’m definitely thinking about an airbrush set up now. Problem is, I don’t have a great area to work in with ventilation. We’ll see though.

Pumpkin King

Oakley Expert
Montgomery AL
Great job man! I don’t have a airbrush either, all of the customs I’ve done are either rattle cans or hand painted. I’ve def learned from frame to frame what works and what doesn’t.

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