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New Re-release Frogskins


Double Team
Premium Member
Portland, OR
I know these have been posted before but these are the new re-release of some original Frogskin colorways.

Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses available at the online Oakley store

One big difference I'm noticing is that there isn't a "collectors" title to these, so is Oakley releasing these colorways on a major scale? I don't see any notes about production being limited. Personally I think this is a good thing. The Frogskins market needs some mass production to help stop the ridiculous scalpers out there.
You are correct, as far as I know these aren't "collectors" or "limited" frogs and I think they are gonna be mass produced. Also, there are subtle differences with these frogskins versus the past releases. Something as subtle as the "Oakley" being the opposite color of the ones from the past. The matte black/violet look just like the Supreme ones though without "supreme" written in the leg of course. I personally think this is a good move as well.
I have all of these on pre-order. Looking forward to getting them.

I would like to know though, were these originally 'Collectors Edition' when they came out what, 2 years ago? As I understand it, anything 'Collectors Edition' is available for a limited period of time and then that coulourway will never be seen again. If these were originally 'Collectors Editon' when they were first released then Oakley have pretty much changed the Oakley logo colour on the stems so they aren't 100% the same and therefore don't go against their own 'Collectors Edition' claim and then re-released them? Which makes the whole 'Collectors Edition' thing nothing but BS.
Thank you JK for noticing

Next week being released gold frogskins, neon yellow frogskins and blends, all for $100!! Is it going to happen? Probably not. Is it way more likely to happen now then it was before? Yes, absolutely. This is a slap in the face.
How is pretty much everyone ok with this but me? I like these because they are collecters shades. If you want crazy fun shades go buy knockarounds.
You yourself always look at the rare list and talk about which ones you want. Seems strange that you'd want these as bad if everyone was wearing them or that you'd be ok with what you paid for the ones you already have if I got them for $100. People on here pay big bucks and don't even wear them.
I do pay alot for rarer pieces, I admit that. But I only buy pairs that I would wear. I have no fade pairs, beside the Gentei. As I dont like them, no matter the price. I would rather see Moda3 for sale at your local O-Store, than see someone selling them on ebay for $1500. Lets face it, the Cult and B1B arent different from the Bloc Frogs I got for $100 and Ive never seen anyone with those!
Do you know why I don't wear my rayban wayfarers and always wear frogskins which are very similar in basic shape? Because I have spent enough time in manhattan to grow to loathe the wayfarers because everyone has them, they appear to be standard issue. This is one of my fears with the frogskins. The neon yellow are so cool because everyone who has them is holding onto them and they rarely come up for sale. Its like baseball cards. I hope no one thinks I am mad at them, because I'm not. I am just furious with the liars at oakley and I am also surprised that I am pretty much the only one.