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  1. Sonic

    Sonic Oakley Enthusiast

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    I was really excited last month to find out that Oakley were finally making a much larger range of prescription (rx) lenses available now that production had moved back to the US including some of my all-time favourite lenses like Fire Iridum Polarised. As i like to wear as many of my frames as possible this has completely opened up my collection again, and i naturally had to get some!

    The extra available lenses are -

    Fire Iridum Polarised
    Ruby Red Iridium Polarised
    Emerald Iridum Polarised
    Ruby Iridum
    Positive Red Iridium
    Jade Iridium
    Violet Iridium
    Sapphire Iridium
    Prizm (tbc later in the year)

    Like an over-excited child at Christmas i received mine back yesterday :D :D :D

    Polished Carbon Ichiro Juliets now sporting Rx Ruby Red Iridum Polarised -

    New Rx Lenses - 3B6D2504-5022-4272-BCEF-D060C029CF9F.jpg

    New Rx Lenses - C1713B41-25B2-4C66-844C-72DDBF6EB20C.jpg

    This is sacrilege i know - but i really really really want to be able to wear these, i can't get slate prescription and i think they look absolutely stunning. One of a kind!

    Romeo 1's, top is X-Man Matt Black with Rx Ruby Red Iridium Polarised, bottom X-Metal with Rx Ice Iridium Polarised plus some newly developed cracks in one lens after 9 months which i'm not too happy about!

    New Rx Lenses - D45AF634-6A22-4A23-8C0B-D03371F78E8D.jpg

    Juliets, top is the first ever X-Metal i bought in Carbon with Rx Fire Iridium Polarised (originally it was Rx FI), bottom is Polished with Rx Ice Iridium Polarised.

    The Fire Polarised really does look quite strikingly different to the normal FI - much more red in appearance and more like the Ruby. I really like it.

    New Rx Lenses - AA40F10F-A795-4F54-9F5A-BCE00F2E1CA0.jpg

    More juliets, both plasma, top is Rx Emerald Iridium Polarised (a timeless combination) bottom is Rx Transitional Emerald Iridum.

    New Rx Lenses - 6CA3754F-726D-459B-A69B-10AC65D0C4E2.jpg

    Oh, plus i was in the US the other day and had to buy another set from the Las Vegas Outlet :)

    New Rx Lenses - F74E976E-A6CD-4C03-AE29-31F31392D8BA.jpg

    The original wiretaps were the first ever Oakleys i bought when i was a teenager on holiday in the US. They were in polished / fire but unfortunately i lost them after 6 months, and i have never forgiven myself.
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. dave m

    dave m Oakley Enthusiast

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    Very nice, you've dropped some pennies on that lot! which are your goto pair?
  3. Sonic

    Sonic Oakley Enthusiast

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    I tend to go through phases... the last few months have been the IIP R1, before that the IIP polished juliets but that was mostly because they were the most recent prescription lenses i think.

    Now i'm somewhat spoilt for choice! The carbon / FIP juliets immediately stand out and i'm due some time with those as its been a long time since i've worn them, however the nose is quite loose.

    The Ichiros look absolutely porno but i don't want to get into the habit of wearing them too frequently :)

    The plasma / emerald i'm not to sure how often i'll use, but they're nice to have.