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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by music_man185, 7/20/11.

  1. music_man185


    my buddy got me a new medium soft vault for my birthday for my monster pups. it was brand new, but he got it from some golf shop through amazon. anyway, one day i got ready to put my monster pups on after they had been stored in my new case, and noticed a strong smell of cigarette smoke. i'm a non smoker, so i smell it very easily and very strong most of the time. i tracked the smell down to my microbag that the pups had been stored in. it smelled incredibly strong. i took a whiff of the inside of my new case and it was the same thing. i never noticed this smell coming from my monster pups until i started storing them in my soft vault, so i figure that has to be where it originated. anyone else ever have anything like this?

    i thought maybe it might have came from the golf shop that it was purchased through. but it was in a sealed plastic wrap. and the outside smells fine. the inside is what reeks.

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  2. SpliceD


    Interesting. Febreeze and air it out?

  3. BanjoBill


    I've gotten a few packages that have had bad cigarette smell to them. It's usally from the UPS driver, he must be a chain smoker they way they smelled. Like SpliceD said Febreeze, or setting outside in the sun will kill some of it too.

    Take Care Bill

  4. ToddG


    I just bought a new soft vault case through ebay, and the foam smells like cigarette smoke. I've tried airing out the case for a couple of days now, but the smell is still there. I just contacted the seller in an attempt to resolve this, but I was curious to know if the original poster or anyone else has had any luck getting rid of the smell completely. The outside of the case doesn't seem to smell, but the foam inside has a lingering odor.

    A long time ago, I had a mailman who smoked and the mail would often stink, but the smell in this instance didn't seem to adhere to the packaging.


  5. SpliceD


    I think i know what you guys are talking about. I never really noticed it before (hence my first post up there).

    I'm a non-smoker and am very sensitive to it, but it doesn't smell like cigarettes to me. I think it's the manufacturing process that creates this smell. I sometimes buy my glasses/accessories from Oakley HQ and every time, they have this weird smell to it. It goes away after a while.

  6. the piper

    the piper

    give the soft vault nicotine patches... it'll stop in a few days

  7. steveadorjan


    Same problem here. I even started another thread:
    But I agree, it's more some kind of chemical, rather than cigarette smoke. I've tried a few soft vaults at my local store, and they all had it too. It's funny, because out of my two identical Radar cases (bought this year both) one had it, the other one not really. But I've been airing it now for a while (just left it open) and the smell is far less strong

  8. qBan



  9. whitey


    I dont know if this will work or not but I heard it works for denim... put the vault in the freezer overnight, apparently that gets rid of odors. I cant say Ive actually tried it myself so you might want to do some research for yourself beforehand

  10. Eckstream1


    Yup... The foam has all sorts of chemicals in the manufacturing process. Including petroleum...
    The smell should go away over time...

    I would store a dryer sheet or something in there for a few days... Preferably one with a light scent.

    This problem is common with memory foam mattresses as well....

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