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New Square Wire Steal & Matte Black Splits


Oakley Beginner
Well, I don't have pics yet because they're in the mail.

I bought the "New Square Wire" deal today on 6pm.com. They're Pewter/Grey and Mister Potato Head (MPH) and they were $34.95 which is insane.


I should say I think these are the "New Square Wire" frame. I'm not sure. I would assume they're not the Square Wire 2.0s though...since those are very old.

I did also pick up today the Matte Black Split Jackets from Amazon. I had a gift card and they were $122, which isn't bad price. They were sold by Amazon, LLC.


I'm looking forward to putting some crazy lenses into the splits.

I'm thinking my next pick up will be some Pit Bulls. I was thinking the white ones, but who knows...

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