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  1. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    Haven't really seen anyone say they got these, or even much discussion on them. I'd been thinking of getting a wire pair for more formal events, but didn't want to go with an aviator. These New Square Wires came out at just the right time. I had thought of going with the Wiretap, but found them too narrow for my big head. The NSW, on the other hand, fit me perfect when I tried it on a few weeks ago at SGH. Kept an eye on some eBay deals and scored one brand new at half of MSRP.

    Matte black with Emerald Iridium. First time with an Emerald lens on any of my glasses. Like it, although could take it even a bit darker and richer. Overall I like them a lot.

    New Square Wire - IMG_20140522_204426153_zpszjz0yod0.jpg
    New Square Wire - IMG_20140522_204500031_zpsguquyh3j.jpg
    New Square Wire - IMG_20140522_204444017_zpstnmg4tn1.jpg
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