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  1. Juleye Exclusive Eyewear

    Juleye Exclusive Eyewear http://www.juleye.nl

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    Just rounded a deal on a new Oakley stocklot that will be in next weekend. Here a preview of what I will get, I can reserve stuff for you!

    C-Wire - Earth Brown/ Tungsten Iridium
    Conduct - Black Chrome/ Tungsten Iridium
    Crosshair 2.0 - Matte Black/ Warm Grey
    Fives 2009 - Brown Sugar/ Bronze
    Flak Jacket - Grey Smoke/ Slate Iridium
    Fuel Cell - Alighni
    Gascan - Polished Black/ Grey Polarized
    Gascan S - Shadow Camo/ Grey Polarized
    Holbrook - Grape Juice/ Grey
    Holbrook - Matte Black/ Warm Grey
    Jawbone - Retina Burn (Reserved)
    Jupiter - Polished White/ 24K Gold Iridium
    M-Frame - Polished Black/ Grey Strike
    M-Frame - Bright Chrome/ Slate Iridium (Reserved)
    Minute 2.0 - Brown Tortoise/ Bronze Polarized
    Nanowire 4.0 - ?
    Oil Drum - Dark Olive/ Dark Grey
    Oil Rig - Polished Black/ Warm Grey
    Plaintiff - Polished Chrome/ Chrome Iridium (Reserved)
    Scalpel - Polished Black/ Grey Polarized
    Straight Jacket II - Ducati

    Betray - Tortoise Cream/ Dark Green
    Compulsive - Polished Black/ Grey
    Commit sq. - Bright Pink/ Grey
    Disobey - Green Tortoise/ Dark Grey
    Encounter - Topaz/ Dark Bronze
    Encounter - Polished Black/ Black Iridium
    Endure - ?
    Impatient - Polished Gold/ VR50-Brown Gradient
    Ravishing - Brown Sugar/ Dark Bronze
    Ravishing - Jet Black/ Grey
    Script - Tortoise Blue/ Bronze
    Speechless - Polished Black/ Grey
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. jmaxime89

    jmaxime89 Oakley Enthusiast

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    How much for the straight jacket II Ducati ?


    EDIT : sent pm, didn't know how to...