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New Stpl Jawbone Color Combo I Mixed Up?


Oakley Beginner
what do you guys think? I was playing around with the new STPL Jawbones, mixing up some colors. Pictures below:

I quite like these! What about changing the throughbolts to green as well??
Or the crazy idea..... change the thrubolts and earpieces so that each one has its own color that corresponds to one of the four colors in the stripes. Ie one blue, one red, one black and one green.

Rather colorful option - but could look cool.
damn that's an awesome idea Mikkelf!!
would like to see that combination . . .
This is how my STPL look, I didn't want to use the green earsocks from my BMX Jawbones as those are still new in my display and the only green for thru bolts are retina burn and those are to neon. Mikkelf has a great idea but I didn't want to mix up a bunch of pairs to see how it would look. I've also had these done up with violet iridium lenses and purple earsocks and they look stellar like that to.
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