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Thanks everyone for their responses, especially @mustangjt for the info on the Ronda 5040.B . That allowed me to do some searching.

So this is what have done the past week. I purchased a second MM with TI band and I took it all apart last night and cleaned and polished each link. Put it all back together today.

A couple more questions.

First, when I reassembled the band I was tightening one of the screws and the screw head completely snapped off. :eek: So now I have a stuck screw. Is this a common occurrence with these bands or do I just have bad luck. I am not sure how of if I can recover from this, but my guess is it would have to be drilled out or something similar if I needed to replace that link, and the link would be ruined.

Second, the other MM I purchased is completely working, and I actually like the face on it more than the other one. So here comes my question on selling. If I sell the extra watch face, which works other than the broken day indicator, should I sell it as is, or should I repair it and then sell it? In other words, if I spend $200 on repairs, will I even make that back if I had just sold it broken?

Finally, is there a good place to get the black movement? I only found a couple on Ebay for about $100, but didn't see them any other place. All websites I found had the white ones.

Thanks for the help everyone, I have been wearing my watch most of the day and love it so far!
I lost a screw to my TT band, it has a HEX head and would like to replace if I can find one, any luck on yours? I used a screw from the extended link for now.

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Honestly the replacement screw is the least of my concern at this point... I am not sure this screw can be removed at this point, and of all places it got stuck in the link that joins the band to the watch.



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Have you tried taking the screw out from the other side? With the head gone, the link may be removable. With the washer out of the way, you may be able to get some needle nose pliers on the protruding bit....


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If I could get to the protruding bit I think I could get it out..... but I am not sure how to get the washer out. With the washer in as it is right now, there is no room for any kind of pliers. If you have ideas on how to get the washer out I would love to know.

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