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New XS Plasma/FIP (XS #4)


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Austin, Texas
Got them today. Not a fingerprint anywhere on these. Beautiful XS. The Plasma frames don't picture well compared to how sleek these look in person. I'm very happy with them.



Took that lens sticker off and dropped them in with the others. I guess this is officially a collection. A small one compared to most of you, but I like where it's starting.


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Nice, now all you need is the Polished, 24k, then you will be all set ;)

As far as frames go, yes. I might want to collect the complete sku line for this though (very likely). The 24k will probably be last, unless I can find someone selling them that's asking a decent price. I know they are special and only made 750 of them... but I'd never wear those. So unless it's completing the collection, it's not worth it to me. I'd definitely pay quite a bit more for the 24k, but not what people are asking for them right now.

What's the story with the XS Carbon/00's? Did they not sell very well initially, so there aren't as many out there? People just not wanting to give them up? A combination of the two probably?

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Missing plasma and ice Ducati . And carbon 00 black.. Just wasn't a lot of them made .. I had hell of a time getting a frame sku and lenses .. Witch seem hard to find to I am missing the box still .. Few that have then don't really part with them.. I would say besides the 24kt rarest by far .. Funny thing is I have seen more 24kts then 00 blacks ..