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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by ShareTheLove, 11/9/18.

  1. ShareTheLove


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    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. hondazcrxsi


    They look ok but there are a lot of negatives with them.
    -They are not real x metal. It’s a mix of plastic and o-luminum. They were only available from Oakley for a short time due to their inferiority to real x metals.
    -The arms/bridge are notorious for breaking
    -There are a lot of counterfeits out there
    -Lux sux

    To each their own, but for me personally, I have no interest in them. Good luck with whatever you choose to do
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  3. ShareTheLove


    Thanks Honda,

    Aware the Badmans have NOTHING on the real x-metals....once I check these forums out some more, will see what the availability for some OG X metals (im from Australia...will have to see how many are out here).

    Also aware there are a lot of counterfeits out there, so was just wanting some thoughts of the "EverythingFrames.com" website.

    $99 for Badman...seems cheap...too cheap....Saying that a lot of people of here probably would pay a cent for them.....
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  4. hondazcrxsi


    Actually, It’s not too far from the going rate for a new pair simply because of the fact I stated above. They didn’t sell very well
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  5. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

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  6. Riga Mortis

    Riga Mortis

    Hi welcome

  7. Funky-Trixtar

    Funky-Trixtar Premium Member

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  8. MatSteelersFan

    MatSteelersFan Premium Member Lifetime Member

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  9. Amanoramonkey


    If your in Australia contact @jdd32 For all your xmetal needs and @cacatman For any knowledge/list based questions both top guys
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  10. Oakley-olic

    Oakley-olic Premium Member Lifetime Member

    :welcome: to the forum.

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