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Discussion in 'Oakley Apparel, Accessories and Goggles Discussion' started by Nucchem, 2/13/19.

  1. Nucchem

    Nucchem Premium Member

    So I am a skier of 37 years, I own a pair of fairly new Smith Gog's and no bucket. Been resistant to go this route but heading to Whistler to concur some of their Double Blacks the end of this month, and figured (my mortality concern has increased with age) that I should gear up for a bucket and maybe some Oaks. I wear Rx but can ski without, unless the whiteout happens then Rx helps. I know they have goggles to cover glasses, but its not the biggest priority. Looking for some of the newer tech, and of course style is always a concern. Have to look good cartwheeling down the chutes
    Can I get some ideas from you all? Gog's I kind of like the Flight Deck, and know nothing, NOTHING about helmets. Would love to be rocking some tunes if possible.

    Newbi on the brain bucket and the windshield - IMG_9953.JPG
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  2. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

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  3. Nucchem

    Nucchem Premium Member

    Bro, you must be hooked into every thread. I figured I would get a response from you. Thank you Mr. Prez!

  4. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

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  5. NoFair


    The Oakely Mod5 helmet is fine (3 is decent). Sweet Protection is better, but the carbon fiber ones I wear are about $600. They do slightly cheaper ones from the $200-250 range (and race models at up to $1200) The most important thing is that it fits your head and the goggles you prefer. Modern helmets are comfortable and light so definitely worth wearing. Try helmets with goggles and see what you like best. I use Canopys or Airbrakes, but lenses are the same in all the Oakleys. Best general purpose lens is the Prizm Rose, nice to have a darker one for bluebird days (Prizm black, torch, jade or Sapphire) and a set for flat light (Prizm pink, persimmon or HI yellow). The advantage of the Airbrake is that a lens swap takes a few seconds, with other goggles it's imho better to have several since lens swapping isn't something you want to do all the time (I have 4 or 5 Canopys so I don't have to swap lenses)

    You might also want to consider something like this to protect you back:

    Dainese Flexagon Waistcoat Black buy and offers on Snowinn

  6. Nucchem

    Nucchem Premium Member

    Thank you, been researching. Not wanting to spend a bunch as I will always be a hat and sunglass person. But I figured shooting the double blacks at Whistler, might command a little more protection than usual. Appreciate the advice.
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  7. NoFair


    They are really comfortable so you might not want to go back.. Fit is much more important than price, try them with a thin beanie underneath and goggles with the strap on the outside (no idea why some snowboarders wear the goggle strap on the inside...) TSG has some very light ones that aren't expensive (lots of other brands too)

  8. Nucchem

    Nucchem Premium Member

    Yes. I was planning on taking my Smith's with me and my bennie hat. Thats all I usually wear, LOL I feel like those 80's ski movies, though I do not wear the racer pants..ha ha ha ha. Thank you for the advice.

    Ok, almost not "racer" style pants. Ha ha ha, stylin! Newbi on the brain bucket and the windshield - IMG_3741.JPG
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  9. NoFair


    Looking good there :D Now you just need this to match (on sale since it's last years model):

    Rooster Discesa S MIPS Helmet 17/18
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  10. Tidezealot

    Tidezealot Premium Member

    Hope your Whistler visit is in ideal conditions and you get to experience it to the max.

    I've been there twice recently. First visit was mostly Bluebird conditions, but with poor snow cover, most of the really fun stuff wasn't open, but spectacular scenery abounded.

    Newbi on the brain bucket and the windshield - 20150223_092242.JPG

    Second visit the following year had epic snow ( 60 inches while we were there ), BUT the entire mountain was socked in clouds for the whole week and our Heli-skiing trip got scrubbed. No Fly conditions existed all week due to poor visibility and 60-70 mph winds. The Peak to Peak was shut down, as was the top of the mountain for the duration of our visit. Pretty much a week of tree skiing and being extremely mindful of avalanche conditions.

    If you want the thrill of a lifetime, take a couple Skeleton runs at the Whistler Sliding Centre. Coolest thing I've ever done. They will require you to wear a helmet though ;) 62mph with you face an inch from the ice !!!

    Newbi on the brain bucket and the windshield - 20180212_162239.jpg
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