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Newbie to this forum. Have some Oakley Products I like to Refurbish for my daily!!!


Oakley Beginner
Hi all,
My name is George. I have been a Oakley user since 2001. Sunglasses, watches, clothes, luggage, golf clothes and accessories, you name and I probable used it. I been out of the loop for a while, but I like to start collecting x-metal glasses and watches again. Right know I have 3 pairs of juliet in silver, plasma and black. I also have 2 original timebombs that I like to get refurbished. I think both of the my timebombs needs capacitors. Should I take them to a watch shop or fine someone special to fix them. One has never been worn and the other use to be my daily. I also like to get all 3 of my juliets tune up. Should I do it myself or is it better to fine someone who has more expertise than me. If anyone can answer my questions it would be greatly appreciate. Also if there is anyone who would like to trade or sell , x metal squared glasses and or blade or gmt watch, I would be very interested.
thanks and I'm looking forward to being a member.
Aloha and welcome to the Forum. :cool-33:🤙

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