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Newbie trying to figure these Juliet's out


Oakley Enthusiast
Brand new to Oakley forum.com and trying to figure out what I have.
As best as I can tell, this is a pair of Exclusive 1st gen Oakley Juliet Plasma W/Fire. I sent them to Oakley a decade ago to have Plasma Ice lenses installed. Still have both sets of lenses.
Serial# P031816
Any ideas?


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1st Gen..... Silvery finish and small rivits in the nose bridge.....plus no "A" or "B" at end of serial to designate later generation release. Those 1st Gen Ice are beautiful.
Nice example of a first gen pair bro! You definitely came to the right place for info. Nobody I know is more knowledgeable than Dyeraudio, haha. Not particularly rare as other members have already stated but still a very nice pair and worth more than a few bucks if that is your goal. Welcome to the forum! I hope you wear them proudly and in good health!

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