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  1. H82LOSE

    H82LOSE Oakley Beginner

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    Ok putting it in simple terms where does a newbie need to start? It appears there are quit a few oprions as far as x metals and styles. From an average guys perspective it seems some are worth way more than others and it's overwhelming where to start. As a new collector and not knowing what to look for where should a fella start and how does he should he know whether or not if its a fair deal? Thanks in advance!
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  2. Ecko

    Ecko Team RamRod Staff Member Premium Member

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    Its tough to say where to start. I started with a troy lee phobia gas can. Its what I liked best and what I would suggest is finding what you like best.
  3. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Made of Metal Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    +1 Also do you want to wear them or shelf them? You need to find whether a particular frame suits you or not if your going to wear them. As for a fair price, it depends on the style, frame, color, artist collection, demand, rarity, and budget, etc...
  4. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    +2. Agreed. :thumb:
  5. GRFMotorsports

    GRFMotorsports is an Oakley whore Premium Member

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    the first thing, most important is to find something you like. then the rest will fall into place.
  6. Brett28

    Brett28 Here's my money, thanks

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    I got into the metals with a juliet and thought it looked a little smaller on me than I had hoped. I then got my hands on an x metal XX and now got into X squared frames. I wear all of them, even the juliets and love them all. If you have cash to spare then do what i did and grab the cheapest x metal pair you can find on the forum/eBay/craigslist that you feel will look great on you and see how you like it. I currently own 2 pair of each set. Welcome to the metallurgy..
  7. OakleyCan

    OakleyCan Oakley Collector

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    You can start hunting your local classifieds. See what is available, check our classifieds to give you an average price. If they don't suit you, you can always trade or sell them here. Ebay prices tend to be on the high side.
  8. gene

    gene Oakley Enthusiast

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    I'm with xmetalmaniac. The style/frame should fit you and you should feel comfortable wearing them. They will be on your face for at least an hour or two. You have to look good BUT most importantly you feel good in them. As for the price. It really depends on the style, rarirty, etc. like some of the members here pointed out. And wear them if you're just starting so you'll enjoy collecting Oakleys IMO.
  9. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie The Oakley R┼Źnin

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  10. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

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    Go to a oakley store or an authorized dealer and go crazy! Try on everything that looks good to you. Some volts still sell x- squared and Juliet's! If your not close to one "sorry" you will have to buy before you try!