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Newbie with a few "Plastic" Oakleys and my coveted X-Metal XX's.


Oakley Beginner
Nice:cool: i am a Turbine fan as well but i think it's better if you get a new frame instead of trying to fix that.
You could always buy new flag icons.
Agree and I had hoped to buy new lenses & 1 arm to start, getting by with the "dinged" up frames to start, if I could temper down the diggers a bit, to not rub my face, and frames later. Someone just offered possible frames, and I'd prefer matte black, so we'll see. Thank you !

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Oakley Beginner
You let some nice ones go :(
After spending some time on this site, you are 100% correct, and I am kicking myself even further for what I have lost over time, but I can't cry over spilled milk, so I am starting to rebuild what I have, and looking to what I want for the future, going from what I thought was a lifelong passion as an Oakley aficionado to a full blown O collector, great forum, seems like great people, I like what one group of members is spearheading for a Scoutmaster who was injured. So much better than Fakebook, community wise.


The Big Shield King
Sup Big Shield! You look like quite the forum leader. Any good advice?
In terms of Turbines, just trash the frame and salvage the lenses, if applicable. Turbines are usually cheap enough to find if you look around.

I own a pair of the Woodland Camo Turbine and I lost my custom white pair. Ugh.

Any newer frame is not worth salvaging, just enjoy and trash them (or find lenses).

For the X-Metal, I echo the suggestions of getting lenses cut since Oakley doesn't support the frames. Don't touch the frames if they look decent.

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