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Newest Addition To The Family ( A Racey Little Number)


Gotta love a good DOG
Latest member of my ever expanding family. Nice bargain off the Net. Paid next to nothing for them, no microbag so if anyone has a spare one for the Racing Jacket let me know. A couple of scratches on the lenses & small amount of wear on the frame colour but like i said i paid next to nothing for these & the guy even threw in the Oakley cleaning kit.


Can't wait for the summer cycling season now YAY!!!!!!


and a nice extra too . . .
i have the red tiger version and i think they are DOPE!
I was a little unsure. I sweat alot when execising & so wanted vented lenses & frames. I got custom Jawbones with vented lenses, they were ok but somehow not quite right for me when cycling. I tlove the secure fit of these all ready & hopefully with all the ports they will keep the sweat at bay. Anyway in 6 months time we'll know..............LOL
cool add!! :thumb:

by the way... whats the diff between Racing Jacket and Water Jacket? i never figured it out... becos both look the same to me :confused:

that's mine :tongue:


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