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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by JawboneJuliet, 6/11/18.

  1. JawboneJuliet

    JawboneJuliet Premium Member

    Hey I’m Josh, I’ve always loved oakleys as a child and just recently fell in love with the brand and it’s products. The addiction set in quick as I just got an Oakley job for the summer. I have learned a lot in these last few months being a lurker of the forums and today is the day that I decided to finally join. I’m excited to start my collection with the help of this community.
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  2. Congrats on the summer job. Remember, it is cool to share your discount.
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  3. JawboneJuliet

    JawboneJuliet Premium Member

    Next time I’ll keep you in mind :)
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  4. Nortika

    Nortika Premium Member

    Welcome aboard, unfortunately a lot you see on here you won't see at Oakley anymore, but knowledge is power and will help when disappointed customers come in and realize that most of new stuff suck lol
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  5. JawboneJuliet

    JawboneJuliet Premium Member

    I’m more of an old school Xmetal guy anyway. We do have customers come in all the time reminiscing the old days of Oakley with me.
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  6. Jon the Don

    Jon the Don

    Lux sux.

    You don’t, so welcome to the Forum, sit back, pull out your sack and relax.

  7. Titan X

    Titan X Premium Member

    By sack Jon I hope you are referring to his wallet. On this forum that’s one thing he will definitely need

  8. Titan X

    Titan X Premium Member

    The addiction takes you quickly
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  9. Jon the Don

    Jon the Don

    Of course! ;)
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  10. JawboneJuliet

    JawboneJuliet Premium Member

    Of course I came prepared :)

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