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  1. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

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    Saw a few people interested and was wondering if anyone would be down for another water transfer group buy run? I have a little bit of downtime now so if anyone is interested I would be willing to help again.

    Water Transfer Group Buy Part 5
    The plan will be to get them sent out by the first week of August

    - Each pair is $35
    - You will pay for the cost of me sending the glasses to them and me returning them to you (read next line)
    - Add $10 to cover return shipping from the company and me returning the glasses to you
    - If you are international please add $5 (gift, low value shipping only)
    - Add 4% to total for PayPal fees. Send payment as goods, no gift payments accepted
    - Remove lenses, icons, and rubber pieces if they apply
    - Put each pair of glasses into a ziploc bag and on a piece of paper write down what pattern number you want, can also choose base colors for most patterns (ex. red CF)
    - Please carefully wrap all of your glasses with bubble wrap or foam pieces
    - I will send out all the glasses at one time once I receive them from everyone
    - Turn around time is usually 3 weeks, thread will be updated once all participating frames are received

    I will not give you a shipping address until you send payment for your glasses. It was a headache sorting out who had paid/didn't pay last time even though I had certain frames in hand.
    Once you pick your pattern, you can choose between a matte (flat), satin (semigloss) or high gloss finish. Please let me know what finish you would like.

    Don't want a pattern? You can also have your glasses painted. Custom Painting | Northwest Hydro Print

    Or what about Cerakote? NW now offers options for that as well (air cured only) - http://www.northwesthydroprint.com/cerakote.html

    Members sign-up

    1) Cargo - 1 pair
    2) cornwich - 3 pairs
    3) djhyper66 - 1 pair
    4) rightcoastnj - 1 pair
    5) moore851 - 4 pairs
    6) 702baby - 1 pair
    7) bouncing_boy77 - 1 pair
    8) kennethekotto - 1 pair
    9) newyork326 - 1 pair
    10) SpeakForYou - 2 pairs
    11) dexufto - 1 pair
    12) IUSTEVE - 1 pair
    13) the_owl - 2 pairs
    14) ajs2294 - 1 pair
    15) Ryan_C - 3 pairs
    Last edited: 8/16/13
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  2. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie The Oakley R┼Źnin

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    :cool-33: im in bro!
  3. TinyNinja1975

    TinyNinja1975 Oakley Beginner

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    Do they have a bamboo graphic... Because then I shall try it if so.
  4. SpeakForYou

    SpeakForYou Oakley Enthusiast

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    I'll be up for it. Will try and send them to the right address this tine haha.
    Batwolf likes this.

    IUSTEVE Oakley Expert

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    My last pair came out so sweet I think I'd be in again as well.
  6. cornwich

    cornwich Oakley Beginner

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    I'm in. Just say when and I'll sent my frames and payment. I feel this is starting to be an addiction. :)
  7. bouncing_boy77

    bouncing_boy77 Oakley Enthusiast

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    i'm in for another run!
  8. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

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    Sounds like a decent turnout so far! We'll see if we can get a few more people. I'd hope to get 10 people or so but we'll see what we can get.

    This time around I'm probably going to keep it domestic to save any headaches. Probably wouldn't have any issues with Canada though.
  9. 702baby

    702baby Under The Electric Sky

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    I'm in, just deciding which pairs to send

    IUSTEVE Oakley Expert

    Trophy Points:
    Any idea on a time frame? I don't have a frame available yet