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So I'm walking through the office today and I have on my new Juliet Polished Fire Polarized pair and my boss says "hey...NICE shades". I tell him, well you should see my gold ones (referring to my 24k XX pair). So a couple hours later I take the XX in and show them to him...and the next thing I know he is rummaging around in his desk-and out come two pairs of TITANIUM Juliets with the Gold Iridium...not only that they are both low number serial second gen titaniums. I'm like in awe because, even though one pair is mega loose and the lenses are beat up, the other pair is tight and the lenses are 90% and I haven't seen a pair of these in like 6 years. I tell him how rare they are and he's like "keep them". What? No...feel free...they're yours. Well needless to say I am quite happy right now. I just ordered a full set of blue rubber from Oakley and have a near new pair of mothballed Ice Polarized lenses which will be going on the tight pair and look awesome. The loose pair is going in for a tune up and the decent Gold Iridium lenses will go in those and go up on eBay. I texted my boss later and said "you realize you handed me one pair I can turn into a like new pair for $16 just for the rubber and another pair that even after a tune up I'll probably net near $300 right?" He laughed and said "enjoy". Enjoy indeed.

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Will post pics when I get them rebuilt. I cleaned them before I took any before pictures so they're just plain frames minus any rubber, screws, lenses. When I first got them, the rubbers were so old they were actually gooey and melting onto the frame and the lenses were way dirty. Under all the grime-frame finish is near perfect...though I must say I think the titanium finish might be the frame that hides scratches the most...they tend to just blend in or appear part of the industrial look.


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Seattle, WA
You should split the proceeds on the sold pair ... or buy your boss something decent that he is interested in as a proper thanks.


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Chicago, IL
thats awesome man! i wish i could have that kinda luck. take your boss for a nice round of golf (since all bosses seem to golf)

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