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No Model Number?


Oakley Expert
What is your impression of a pair of frogskins with no printed model number or oakley mark inside the arms? I just got a pair of matte red and it looks mostly legit, but without the numbers printed inside the ear stem for some reason.
Matte Red were a public release so should have a model number printed on the stem. I don't own a pair though so can't be 100% sure. However, I saw your post in the other thread about these and you say they feel light. Fakes are known to be and feel lighter than real Frogskins. Like I say though I don't own a pair and don't want to falsely alarm you. Hopefully someone who does own a pair can confirm their authenticity for you. Pics would help too.
hm, its hard to tell. These look pretty much legitimate, but weigh 22 grams (little under i think), and have no number printed, and and arms are a tiiiiny bit more loose than normal (but just like all my 03 models).

i'll post pics soon
Tough to tell with Oakley since there's so many variations of all their models but its certainly possible its real. but the only publicly released models I know for sure did not come with the sku printing is the first run of the glow in the dark Trevor Andrews and the Supremes. It is then possible that others did not have model numbers printed.
the only thing is that i've seen other pics of them on ebay listings with the model number printed. Hmm, might seem a little too fishy to pay $150 for.
Yeah it could be a variation like the trevor andrews. The first run did not have any model number printing and did not have the logo print. It was completely blank. It was later on in the print run that they included all that stuff on the trevor andrews. The matte red could have been the same way where the first few did not have the printing and the rest had it. Oakley has done that on several pairs. However it is hard to tell without seeing it person.
btw- the box itself looks legitimate. It has the 03-147 sku, and matches pictures i've seen of other matte red boxes' labels.