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No Time To Die - End of an Era *Spoilers*


Oakley Expert
Huge fan of Bond.

My first introduction was Goldeneye in 1996 when I was 12, way before the game that certainly cemented my love for Bond.

Growing up with Brosnan, he was my favorite because he was my first. Throughout high school and my time in the service, I took a dive into the films and books.

Becoming more familiar with the way Flemming wrote Bond, I started to appreciate the way he was written. He wasn't a pretty boy (sorry Brosnan). He wasn't a corny old man running around in a leisure suit (*cough*Moore*). Hot take: I don't even think Connery was the best despite being the first to play him in the main cannon.

He was actually written closer to Dalton and Lazenby's portrayal, which is why I was excited for Daniel Craig being announced to play Bond. After seeing Layer Cake a year before the announcement, I was convinced he would do a great job, and he didn't disappoint.

Bond is a gritty, complicated, broken character who is a brute killing machine for MI-6. His vices (girls and martini's), are just coping mechanisms for the hellish situations he's thrown into. Craig's portrayal has been the first time we've seen the impact Bond's career has had on him and what it cost him.

So here we are: The end of the line for this version of Bond. All in all, I am satisfied with the way it has ended. It was an introspection of the character, modernized the series, hit most the major beats from previous films, and though it had some faults, it was also a series of firsts, and I think it ultimately delivered a finale that bookends the Craig Era nicely, which allows a blank slate for the next Bond.

That's my *spoiler free* review, but what do y'all think? Feel free to discuss the ending since I already put *spoilers* in the title.

James Bond will return.

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I just saw it last night and loved it. There were rumors going around that it was going to be “Woke” so I was a little worried. But those rumors were highly exaggerated and pretty much flat out wrong. I thought the writer did well and respected the character. It made sense that their wasn’t any womanizing in this one. He was in love with one woman and had reached a point where he was done and wanted to settle down with one woman. Even the new 007 (who probably won’t end up being the new 007 in future) gave him respect after she got to know him. Great action and a good story. A fitting end to the Craig Bond. 👍


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Kent, England
I agree with the OP, it was a mastery of a finale. Not forgetting, not one, but two of Bonds, now imortalised cars, make appearences. With the action being almost non-stop throughout. A great film.

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