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No Time To Die - End of an Era *Spoilers*

Saw it yesterday, I enjoyed it but didn't realize I needed to see Specter to get the full story.

The woke agenda has definitely infiltrated Bond... What's next....
In regards to wokeness, I think this film will pale in comparison to the next portrayal of Bond.
We've seen Daniel Craig's version over the past 15 years adapt to the changing times without giving in. This is the last true Bond, and he died a hero.

If there is a future version of Bond, where they have a film 'You Only Live Twinks', and he must go through a transition to go "undercover", it won't be Craig's version, and at least we had a run that we can call sacred.

Just got this in the mail for my collection shelf..
My first Bond movie was Goldeneye in 1996, and I rented it from Blockbuster.


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