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  1. testcodes

    testcodes Oakley Beginner

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    I wear contacts 90% of the time so I can wear my non-Rx Oakleys as well. But I'm also considering getting a pair of Rx Sunglasses for days when I don't want to put my contacts on. Like when I go on runs in the early morning, I don't put my contacts on yet since I'm gonna have to remove them again when I shower. Or for weekends when I'm just chilling at home but have to run to the grocery or something.

    I had a chat with my insurance agent (UHC Vision) to find out what they cover. I'm eligible for coverage every 12 months, so my next schedule is on November. For Oakleys, they would cover $130 worth for the frames, but they would only be able to cover about $30 for Oakley lenses since they are considered out-of-network. Just looking at estimates from framesdirect.com, looks like these would go around $370ish just for the lens (Black Iridium Polarized).

    My other option, if I go with non-Oakley (ie. in house Lens Crafters), my insurance would be able to cover a good chunk of it. I haven't ordered Rx sunglasses before, but my daily non-tinted glasses the last time I ordered was less than $100 if I remember correctly.

    My question then is, what are your opinions on non-Oakley Rx tinted lenses? Also, any good stores that can closely match the looks/performance of actual Oakley lenses?

    So the difference between the two options would be at least $270 for just the lens. If I go Oakley, I will probably not buy the frame and just reuse my existing frame (since insurance doesn't cover the lenses, I'll use insurance to buy contacts). If I go non-Oakley, I'd get a new frame since insurance is going to cover them anyways. Also If I go the non-Oakley route, I'll have to wait until November to order them. If I decide to get Oakley's, I would order them now so I can use them this summer.

    If it helps, I'm interested in Flak Jackets with Black Iridium Polarized lenses. But I'm still reading into whether I'd like Prizm Dailies better, they seem to get good reviews as an every day lens.


    tl;dr - want Rx sunglasses, Flak Jackets, need opinions whether to get Oakley or non-Oakley lenses
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  2. demitri.prometheus

    demitri.prometheus Oakley Beginner

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    I believe most, if not all, non-Oakley optical shops would not be able to fit lenses into a Flak Jacket since they have notches on the sides to snap onto the frame. They can only do the half-rim frames that are supported by a nylon string which goes into a groove underneath the lens.

    One more thing to consider between getting Oakley and non-Oakley lenses is how the lenses are made. Oakley lenses have "wrap compensation" and if I am not mistaken, they are made digitally. Some optical shops offer "HD or digital freeform" lenses but I am not quite knowledgeable if this is similar to the manufacturing process that Oakley does.

    I think wrap compensation is important particularly if you have higher than usual Rx values.
  3. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler Premium Member Lifetime Member

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  4. testcodes

    testcodes Oakley Beginner

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    damn I didn't even think about that, that's a good point though. if this is the case, I'll probably have to pay for them myself and just use my insurance to get contacts this year

    that's good to know, I'll research more on this to see if that would make a difference for me.

    awesome, I read that InfiniteHero does custom sunglass lenses, I did not know he also does Rx. I will send him a note to see what my options are.
  5. OakleyTrader15

    OakleyTrader15 Oakley Collector

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    One thing to consider is that if you put non Oakley tinted RX in say, a Flak Jacket frame (assuming you find reputable lab to do this) you will void your warranty with Oakley. I had a very long discussion with John at Oakley Customer Care and he was a wealth of knowledge.

    Oakley sun frame are only warrantied if you have authentic Oakley RX.
    Now of course the dealer you by from may warranty the whole frame and lens but Oakley will not.

    But for a regular Oakley RX frame like the Servo, you are not required to have Oakley authentic lenses.