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  1. marc2040

    marc2040 Guest

    Are they available in the US?
    in Germany are a few colors available, but $ 130 for a polarized set.
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

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    I haven't seen any, at least at my local store. I bet someone could check their Vault store, that's where all the O-Stores sent theirs.
  3. MaK

    MaK Oakley Beginner

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    Here in Spain, there are only a few colors as well (grey, black, fire, + red and VR28, apart from the clear and persimmon), however the price is similar some 65 dollars for the non polarized and 130 for the polarized ones.
  4. marc2040

    marc2040 Guest

    Thanks Batwolf and Mak.