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Not A Case, But A DISPLAY Peice None The Less... SPIKE HEAD


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A Creek in AZ
I love these guys...
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Re: Not a case, but a DISPLAY peice none the less... SPIKE H

how many times can i say this tonight! AMAZING!!!!! dude those are just wow, stunning
nice bob´s!! stunning add to any collection....

is one of the chin missing?!?

those are around $400 on ebay :(
I got it like that (no chin) and cant find evidence that it was broken so I am assuming that some were made like that. I have also seen a few others without the chin over the years so that helps me in my thought process. Anyone know any different?
hmmm . . . i thought all came with the chin and over the years some get lost!??!
The spike head usually shipped in two pieces: the chin and the head. The original owner simply did not glue the chin in place and over time the chin piece was lost.